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About The Witty Poet

The Witty Poet is an online publication born out of a rekindled love for all that is old & interesting. Created by Faith Katunga, its mission is to arouse & revive curiosity about past cultures and events and their influence on the present-day wonderous world. 

The Witty Poet shares obscure history, curious stories, hidden places and fashion wonders from the days gone by because sometimes a trip down memory is all we need to explore and learn about our world. If you love to rediscover the past with just a click & a strong Wi-Fi connection, The Witty Poet is at your service.

What We Do

We Circulate Obscure History & Curious Stories

About The Witty Poet

Our blog covers fascinating history, world wonders, strange stories and hushed cultures that missed our history classes. Hungry to learn more about Africa and its history? Our ‘Out of Africa’ section is dedicated to the hushed cultures of Africa whose stories have rarely made the history books.

We Cover History’s Most Wondrous Destinations

About The Witty Poet

Want to travel back in time or visit the world’s largest Voodoo market? The Witty Poet’s History Travel Guides, Time Travel Rental posts and other bewildering adventures posts are here for your needs. Before setting out on your next trip, ensure that you read our stories about various destinations. We are committed to providing information that will prepare you for the fun that awaits you on your trip.

About The Witty Poet

We Cultivate The Curious Mind

The Witty Poet has an online learning platform known as the Witty Poet Night School that offers a broad spectrum of online courses in peculiar disciplines. Inquisitive minds can learn about various subject matters from writing like Mozart to the mysterious practices of witchcraft. Created by expert educators and delivered through lecture series and workshops, these courses offer an opportunity to indulge in niche topics and learn new skills and crafts.

We Curate A Digital Fashion Archive

About The Witty Poet

Our Unique Fashion Archive allows fashion history lovers to delve into a past of groundbreaking, forgotten head-turning fashion trends and designs. Our archive can be used to gain some insight into the fashion cultures and heritage and their influence on our modern styles. 

We Collect & Create Books + Stationary 

About The Witty Poet

Walk into the Curious Bookstore full of our curated selection of bizarre books, classics and collectables from around the web. From used books to the odd and downrightly creepy, we got what you need to feed your curiosity. The bookstore also houses our in-house creations of quirky history facts, poems, quotes printed on various accessories, stationery and home goods.

About Faith

Founder & Editor

About The Witty Poet

Hello, I am Faith Katunga, founder and editor of The Witty Poet.

I started The Witty Poet in 2020 when the whole world was unexpectedly hit by a pandemic that altered what we considered societal normalcy. I spent months indoors juggling a sudden influx of work minus a normal routine and a lack of outdoor activities. I sometimes felt completely overwhelmed with exhaustion, uncertainty and fear. I started reading the news more than usual and that turned out to not be such a bright idea.

2020 was my 2nd year of living in Milan, Italy and five of life in Italy. My journey of life abroad started about 8 years ago after graduating with a BA from the University of Malawi. I opted to stay with my sister in Johannesburg, South Africa where I worked and toured the city for the brief period I spent there. Soon, I was on the move again, this time for Italy to study for a masters’ degree. This move has led to a non-stop ride, and my life has never been the same. After graduating with an MA in Fashion Culture and Management from the University of Bologna and working a bit in Berlin, Germany, I decided to move to Milan, the perfect destination for a girl that likes history, art and has a fashion degree! For me, it was a leap of faith.

When the pandemic hit Italy and the news grew more depressing and terrifying, I restarted reading more stories from the past. My high school soul that loved and aced English Literature and History was rekindled. The more I read, the more I learned, and the more I was driven towards The Witty Poet.

After starting so many blogs based on the idea of what sells, I knew then what I had been missing all along to keep all those blogs going. Real love, passion and the joy that I was educating and enlighten myself in the process. If someone else found this joy and enlighten in my posts that would be great too. It took a whole global pandemic for me to finally get myself together. So when I started receiving a few positive responses from like-minds, I was fuelled into reading more and sharing posts that we could all enjoy and learn something from and hopefully create a little curious community.

If you want to pitch something or let us in on a trip somewhere hidden, contact me here info@thewittypoetshop.com