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Our Unique Fashion Archive allows fashion history lovers to delve into a past of groundbreaking, forgotten, head-turning fashion trends and designs. Our archive can be used to gain some insight into fashion cultures and heritage and their influence on our modern styles. 

The colour, the shape, and the texture—none of it is accidental. Every item we wear has a glorious (or sometimes not so glorious) history.

Tim Gunn

21 Best Radical Fashions From The Schembart Carnival

The Schembart Carnival or Nuremberg Shrovetide Carnival was very popular in Nuremberg, Germany. From 1449, throughout the 15th century, the carnival till 1539 due to the complaints of an influential preacher named Osiander. Osiander objected to his effigy being paraded on a float, depicting him playing backgammon surrounded by fools and devils. Each year, the carnival featured costumed men with bearded masks carved of wood, carrying on and generally acting foolishly. The carnival featured music, food, drink and speakers who poked fun at politicians, persons of power, and government policies.

The Unique Fashion Archive The Witty Poet